Our Story

Building Safe & Calm Space for Kids

We understand the challenges faced by parents of children with learning difficulties and other sensory needs like autism when it comes to engaging in play, learning, or relaxation time.

Gone are the times when parents had to worry about their children being in unsupervised or unsuitable environments.

Regardless of whether your child has learning difficulties, autism, or other sensory issues, Ultrapopp’s play and sensory tents offer a private space for them to retreat and enjoy personal time.

Child Care Items

We provide products that help children to learn, play and engage in all areas of life with ease.

Self-paced Learning

We strive to keep things simple and help children to grow in their own pace.

Fun and Creative

We believe fun is the secret ingredient to a good kid therapy.

Ultrapopp is thrilled to be a part of the growing Amazon Industry

We are one with Amazon’s mission in serving consumers worldwide by providing fast & reliable services and producing smart, beneficial & innovative lifestyle products.

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